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My self Midhun Rajan,  I am an independent Certified Digital Marketing Specialist  in UAE – Dubai, currently working for all clients in UAE and Africa. I’ve worked in the marketing industry for 8 years with renowned local and international businesses. I presently working as a Digital Marketing Specialist cum Operation Manager at Eagle Occupational Safety Training LLC, Dubai. I’m here to pitch your business in to customers.


Digital Marketing or Online marketing is a process of promote your brand world wide through various online platform and connect  potential customers through online. This includes Emails, social media, Web-based advertising and all other online marketing channels.


I’m a Certified Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist  in UAE . My core areas are Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Web design and Content Marketing. 

Social Media Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing 

Lead Generation

Search Engine Optimization 


Web Design 

Email Marketing

Content Marketing


For any business customers are your Asset. Brand with out identity is useless. So always keep uniqueness, It will help your business become number one in the Market. 

Search Engine Optimization

If you have a business you should need a website.  Website, online business, blogs…SEO will help your business to grow and meet your expectation.

Search Engine Marketing

Promote your website. It will increase more customer reach. websites promotion will help your business by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages  through paid advertising.

Web Designing

Website Designing is an important process of any business. If you are starting any business you need a website. A clever website will bring more customers views in your website. 

Social Media Marketing

Always make best strategies. I am here to grow your business and increase profit margin through paid campaign and Paid ads. 

Lead Generation

Altimate objective of any lead campaign is to bring more potential customers in to your business.  I am here to find potential customers based on your needs.

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel for you all digital marketing efforts. Prepare good and unique content for your business. catch customers attention with quality and unique content. It will help for SEO success. 

E- Mail Marketing

Engage you clients with more effective way, Email marketing is the best way to reach more customers. Discounts, offers, send it through emails. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, which helps your business to get more customers reach, Instagram, LinkedIn, what’s up etc…is an online advertising platform. 


musthafa Web Developer min 12 webp

Mushammed Musthafa

Web Designing & Development

As a Digital Marketing specialist i am focusing on Front-End Developer and Graphics Designing. Because  my passion in web designing and Graphic help my carrier growth. Develop new features and company website prototypes using different mediums  is my fondness. My work is mainly focused on frontend-development.

As for UX designs, my work mainly involves photo manipulation. Besides, I also like doing photography and videography, where I can express my creative thought process. 

 Technical skills
-HTML,CSS,Javasript and Bootstrap
-React ,Redux, Mongo and Deployment

Rashid SEO Expert min wepg

Abdul Ramshid

SEO Expert & Social Media

I am a SEO analyst. I have successfully completed 6 months digital marketing from CDA academy. I constructed my personal business website of APM Associates and ranked 3rd position.  

 I participated in SEO work for a company website Rodina Global LLC – Middle East and helped to increase website speed. Currently I am working in a construction company ( DIGIBIZ ) and Build on Quality Rating Pvt Ltd.

We have a Digital Marketing team working for different companies (NYRACA). I am really proud with working different clients project and completing the task as per client requirements.

bavana Content Writer webp

Bhavana Rajeev

Content Writer & SEM

My name is Bhavana. I have done my B.Tech graduate. but my passion about digital marketing makes me became a Content Writer.  I specialized in Keyword Research and Analysis having expertise in using a variety of keyword research tools and techniques.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and Web Designing is my core areas. I am passionate about helping business grow through digital marketing strategies, that are tailored specifically for their business needs and knows how important it is to have someone who understands your industry.

I can offer sound advice to business how best to approach the market. Mainly i am focusing to work as a freelance digital marketer. Currently i am working as a Content writer and Keyword analyst for “NYRACA”. 


If you are looking for a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in UAE. Contact me 

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